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Dr. William C. Weinrich Puts It All Together

Jesus is true God in that He is the Giver of life and of all good things. Jesus is true man in that He thankfully receives God’s gifts and in perfect trust lives a sinless, obedient life. This is the divine design.

As true man Jesus is the image of our hope, for He is what we shall become. Jesus is the new Adam, the One in whom God has again made mankind according to His image, the One in whom God has again made true man, man who lives from God alone, trusts God alone, and serves God alone.

We used the story of creation to help us see true God at work and true man at work. We saw that through the living God’s breathing life into Adam, Adam became himself a living being. In true man, God’s work becomes man’s work. God and man are in agreement; they are in communion with each other, united with each other. And so it is also in Jesus Christ, who is true God and true man. In the person of Jesus, God’s work once again becomes man’s work. Whereas once man cursed his neighbor, now the new Adam blesses his neighbor. Whereas once sinful man was selfish, now the new Adam gives charity freely and loves his neighbor as himself. Whereas sinful man once held grudges and got revenge, now the new Adam forgives his enemies.

The full Law of God, set in the heart of man at creation, now receives its complete and perfect fulfillment in Jesus. Christ did this for us who are sinners so that the penalty of sin, namely death, is not our final destiny, but that we might have eternal life in Him, who as the one great true man, and the new Adam, received life freely from God.

In Jesus, therefore, God renews this creation by making sinful man to become true man through the forgiveness of sins. In Jesus sinful man becomes true man, the image of God. Receiving his life from God, he “reflects” the holiness and righteousness of God in a holy and righteous life. (1 Peter 2:15-16; Romans 8:1-4)

One further point must be made clear. When the apostle John saw the new heaven and the new earth, he saw the community God’s faithful people shall have with Him. This communion with God shall be forever and ever (Revelation 22:5). John’s Gospel promises that whoever believes in Christ shall receive eternal life (John 3:15-16). Our redemption in Christ shall never come to an end. In Christ, God’s good purposes for mankind will never be subject to temptation, decay, and death.

In Christ, God put His creation on a new and more solid foundation. In Christ, God united Himself with man in an inseparable and indivisible way, so that into all eternity man will be with God, receiving all good things, especially life and immortality.

Wherein does this new solidity and permanence for the future of man’s communion with God lie? It lies in this: In Christ Jesus, God Himself became man. The eternal Word of God (the Second person of the Trinity) took to Himself all that man is, and without ceasing to be true God made in Himself the start of a new creation wherein fallen, sinful, and mortal mankind becomes righteous, holy, and immortal. Since in Christ God has become man, in Christ man will be without sin and not be subject to eternal death. In Christ – the new Adam – man will never again act apart from God.

“God Words”, pages 107-108


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