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A Christmas Hymn That Had Better Make The Cut for the Next LCMS Hymnal

(sung to the tune of “O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright)

O Prince of David’s lineage born!
O Bridegroom of my soul forlorn!
My Life and my Salvation:
How can I e’er give thanks to Thee,
Who in my mis’ry soughtest me –
How make due reparation?
Now is / All bliss:
Grief, man seeth, / Wholly fleeth;
Joy is thriving
For the Prince of Peace arriving.

Though full of gladness now I sing,
No fitting gift I know to bring
The Child of God’s selection!
Receive, dear Son of God’s own heart,
My heart, and claim it, every part,
And kindle mine affection!
Let me / Kiss Thee,
Son and Savior! / Hold me ever,
Fill and move me,
That I ever hold and love Thee.

Stay, worthiest Treasure, Crown of pride!
O Thou my Bliss, with me abide,
Thou Hope of hearts afflicted!
Thou Dew of heav’n, Thy fruit endow;
O sweetest Manna, visit now
The humble and dejected!
Keep Thy / Light nigh,
Lest earth darken; / Let us hearken,
And forever
See it shine and lose it never.

– P. von Zesen (+1689), translated by Matthew Carver

from “Walther’s Hymnal“, Hymn 38

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