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The Cost of “Freedom”

…the reason people under forty are sleeping in on Sunday (or getting up to do any number of other wonderfully fulfilling hobbies instead of going to Church), is precisely because they’ve embraced the way we’ve trained them to go. They believe confidently in the spirituality of Freedom. Ask any one of them, and you will quickly learn their deepest conviction is that people need to do what is right for them. To each his own.” If you need to tell a few lies or want to enjoy sex without marriage, that’s all good.” There is just one thing you cannot do, and that is to suggest that what someone else is doing is spiritually wrong. In a generation as self-centered and amoral as the day is long, the one unquestionable morality is that everyone must be free to worship God in any way right for them…which is precisely why you do not need to go to Church. That’s not my style.

– Rev. Jonathan Fisk, “Broken