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How Blest Are They Who Hear God’s Word

Here’s a hymn that didn’t make the cut from TLH to LSB, but should have been included. This is TLH Hymn 48. A perfect hymn for the Third Sunday in Lent if you preach the one-year lectionary.

1. How blest are they who hear God’s Word
And keep and heed what they have heard!
They wisdom daily gather;
Their light shines brighter day by day,
And while they tread life’s weary way,
They have the oil of gladness
To soothe their pain and sadness.

2. God’s Word a treasure is to me,
Through sorrow’s night my sun shall be,
The shield of faith in battle.
The Father’s hand hath written there
My title as His child and heir,
“The kingdom’s thine forever.”
That promise faileth never.

3. Today I was my Savior’s guest,
My soul was here so richly blest,
The Bread of Life receiving.
Oh, may thereby my faith prevail,
So that its fruits shall never fail
Till my account is given
Before the throne in heaven!

Author: Johan N. Brun, 1786
Translated by: Oluf H. Smeby, 1913


A Christmas Hymn That Had Better Make The Cut for the Next LCMS Hymnal

(sung to the tune of “O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright)

O Prince of David’s lineage born!
O Bridegroom of my soul forlorn!
My Life and my Salvation:
How can I e’er give thanks to Thee,
Who in my mis’ry soughtest me –
How make due reparation?
Now is / All bliss:
Grief, man seeth, / Wholly fleeth;
Joy is thriving
For the Prince of Peace arriving.

Though full of gladness now I sing,
No fitting gift I know to bring
The Child of God’s selection!
Receive, dear Son of God’s own heart,
My heart, and claim it, every part,
And kindle mine affection!
Let me / Kiss Thee,
Son and Savior! / Hold me ever,
Fill and move me,
That I ever hold and love Thee.

Stay, worthiest Treasure, Crown of pride!
O Thou my Bliss, with me abide,
Thou Hope of hearts afflicted!
Thou Dew of heav’n, Thy fruit endow;
O sweetest Manna, visit now
The humble and dejected!
Keep Thy / Light nigh,
Lest earth darken; / Let us hearken,
And forever
See it shine and lose it never.

– P. von Zesen (+1689), translated by Matthew Carver

from “Walther’s Hymnal“, Hymn 38

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