Six Days for Earthly Education, One Hour for Eternal Preparation

There was lament even in 1898 over the lack of preparing young people for eternal life. Consider these words from a sermon outline for Luke 7:11-17.

At home their thoughts and senses are directed only to earthly things. What they hear is only on daily bread, on money and possessions, on lust and pleasure of the flesh, honor and reputation before men, etc. They learn in school only worldly knowledge, etc. (Free [public] school) Education for eternity soon enough, when the time of confirmation closes in. But how do you know if your children are ever to reach the age of confirmation? Sunday School adequate for education for eternity? So, six days of thorough instruction for this short time on earth, an hour a week of inadequate Sunday School instruction sufficient as preparation for the long eternity?! O, consider this, you parents! What are you doing! Overestimation of the body, underestimation of the soul!


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