Christ Is Our Great High Priest

Is there anything more glorious or exalted than to know that as a High Priest we have a Man who is also the Son of God and who sits in majesty at the right hand of God? If we had the power to make a wish, could we possibly desire anything greater or better than to have with God a Mediator and Advocate of this stature? Now we are told that God Himself ordained this Christ—indeed, He confirmed it, as we said before, with a sublime oath—to be such a High Priest and to sit at the right hand of the Father especially for the purpose of preventing us from falling into any sort of wrath or disgrace, provided that we continue to believe in Him. We are to look to Him for comfort, help, and the undiluted, everlasting grace of the Father.

How can the Father possibly refuse to hear this Priest, His own beloved Son? How can He refuse Him anything He asks for? And Christ asks for nothing else than that which benefits us—grace and mercy for us! Therefore we are certain that when we ourselves pray in His name, God is pleased and will hear us out. Why should anyone have any further doubts or fears? Why not draw near to His throne of grace with joyful confidence, as it is written in Hebrews 4:16, rejoice with all our hearts in this High Priest, and find our comfort in Him?

Martin Luther, Explanation of Psalm 110

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