Theology Is A God-Given, Practical Aptitude

Theology, viewed as a habitus and concretely, is a divinely given discipline, bestowed upon a man by the Holy Spirit through the Word, whereby he is not only instructed in the knowledge of divine mysteries, by the illumination of the mind, so that what he understands produces a salutary effect upon the disposition of his heart and the actions of his life, but also qualified to inform others concerning these diving mysteries and the way of salvation and to vindicate heavenly truth from the corruptions of gainsayers, so that men, abounding in true faith and good works, are led to the kingdom of heaven.

– Johann Gerhard, Loci theologici, I:31 (Volume 1, page 42 in the CPH translation), taken from Henry Eggold, “Theology as Habitus Practicus Theosdotos: A Lutheran Emphasis”, Concordia Theological Monthly (1962), p. 595.

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