What Would Your Ecclesiastical Supervisor Say…

…if you (Pastor) or another pastor you know stood up before a group of pastors and said the following words?

During my whole ministry I have been listening to the glowing success stories of other pastors. I have felt intimidated by those who obviously knew an awful lot more than me about growing their churches. Out of sheer self-doubt I have shirked the daunting task of saving the world. I have felt guilty because my Gospel presentation is apparently not winsome enough. I have lost sheep and lost sleep. My joy has taken a vacation and my natural optimism has deserted me, all because I have not done what the experts said. And I refuse to tell you gentlemen how great my current ministry is. It’s bad. All the numerical indicators are down. I am losing members. I am losing leaders. Confusion reigns among those who are staying. They are sad. I don’t know what will happen next week much less next year. I have no five-year plan. I just barely have a five-day plan. Yet, gentlemen, despite this terrible news I still think that God is doing just find in my church, and I think I am too.

Would he say, “Help is available with our team of experts?” Would he say, “I’ll pray for you and circulate your name?” Or would he encourage the brother pastor? You make the call.

The quote, by the way, is from The Fire and the Staff by the late Klemet Preus. I recommend you read it.

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