Christ is the Fulfillment of the Law

61. For if the law is eliminated [weggenommen wird], one does not know what Christ is or did by fulfilling the law for us.

62. For if I want to understand the fullness of the law [die Erfüllung des Gesetzes], that is, Christ, it is necessary to know what the law and its fullness are.

63. This cannot be taught unless it is taught that the law is not fulfilled in us and that we therefore are guilty of sin and death.

64. When this is taught, then we learn that we all are debtors of the law and sons of wrath.

65. The impious are this simply in flesh and spirit or totally; the pious, however, insofar as they are and live in the flesh.

66. Therefore, the teaching of the law is necessary in the church and is to be retained by all means; without the law Christ cannot be retained.

67. For, the law which he fulfilled being removed, what do you retain of Christ as long as you do not know what he fulfilled?

68. Generally speaking, the law is fulfilled in Christ in such a way that you cannot teach it in this way unless you also teach that the law is not fulfilled in us.

Martin Luther, Fifth Set of Theses Against the Antinomians, St. Louis Ed. 20:1646; ET: Only the Decalogue Is Eternal, pages 136-137, translated by Dr. Holger Sonntag.


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