Luther’s Nine Conditions for A Good Preacher

1) Ability to teach (Primo debet esse didacticos)
2) Possession of a good head (soll ein fein Kopf haben)
3) Eloquence (woll beredt sein)
4) Clarity of speech (soll ein Stimme haben)
5) A good memory (bonam memoriam)
6) He should know when to stop (soll wissen aufzuhören)
7) He should be certain and diligent in his subject (soll seins Dings fleißig sein)
8) He should put his life, limb, possessions and honor into it (soll Leib und Leben dran setzen)
9) He should be willing to accept ridicule from everyone (soll sich von jedem man lassen geheyen [plagen])

Table Talk Number 2580, WA TR2:531


One thought on “Luther’s Nine Conditions for A Good Preacher

  1. Jason says:

    There are many thing missing from that list that are assumed that the modern minister will have. Most of them are frivolous, but one seems to be a glaring omition and that is to be a counselor and/or therapist (though not as a replacement for true psychological counseling when needed). Would you say that’s a definite requirement nowadays or does Luther imply that?

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