Very Cool Picture

I am a complete geek for all things Synodical Conference history. Give me a week in St. Louis, Milwaukee, or Mankato to sort through historical stuff and I am a very happy man. The more arcane, the better!

A Facebook friend posted a picture the other day that I had never seen. I am about 95% sure it is the aula or auditorium of the old Concordia Seminary building (dedicated in 1883) on South Jefferson Avenue, caddy-corner to Concordia Publishing House. This is where major gatherings of the seminary community would happen. This is where Dr. Walther, of blessed memory, gave his “Luther Hour” lectures, the most famous of them being “The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel”. Granted it isn’t a splendid worship space (daily devotional exercises were held there), but it wasn’t designed for worship.

Concordia Aula

Photo courtesy Concordia Historical Institute, of which I am now a member!

Dig the Walther bust on the dais. A nice touch, if not hero worship. At any rate, this is a fascinating picture of a beautiful building that served the Missouri Synod from 1883-1926.


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