Stöckhardt: The Vis Communicativa of the Word

Consequently a preacher must now also underline the importance of the word as a means of grace, namely regarding its vis communicativa.[1] The following circle of thoughts should constantly recur in preaching: Here you have the Word. The Word is really near you, it is always in your ears. Here you have Christ in the Word, here you have righteousness, grace, comfort, peace, joy, happiness and everything good. Therefore hear only the Word! Believe in the Gospel! Believe and accept what is given to you here in the Word! I proclaim and preach to you in the name and mandate of God that iniquity is forgiven. Only hear and believe what I say to you! When you rightly hear and learn and take to heart only the Word and preaching, then you have everything that you need, a gracious God and eternal life.

[1] communicative force.

“The Practical Treatment of the Doctrine of Justification”, translated by DMJ


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